PES 2018 APK: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download Latest Version Free


Pro Evolution Soccer is a virtual world created for the fans of the football. It had likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Morio Gotze, Neymar and Alvaro Morata as the face of the franchise. The game has evolved over years with the changing world, technology and tastes. This super popular game which is available in 62 countries in 19 languages has sold more than 81.65 copies globally just by December 2012. The super addictive game Pro Evolution Soccer has dawned its new avatar in a new version i.e. PES 2018 apk.

pes 2018 apk

The latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2018 apk, is the newly invented version of entertainment for any football lover anywhere in the world. It transforms you into a world where you and your game are the only two important things. Sounds interesting right? The best part of this game is that you can hang out with your friends by playing this amazing game. Yes, it has a multi-player version where you can play against your friends. Isn’t that a whole new level of bonding with your friends over your favorite game?

PES 2018 apk game actually transports you to this world which has impeccable graphic quality in the 3D version. The new version is even more user-friendly and easy to control on the PES 2018 and android apk. It is bigger and better than the previous versions of PES 2017 apk. With the new technology and real like interface, it is must for you to hit okay for PES 2018 apk download.


The new features of the PES 2018 apk are making this version of the game better than any other previous version. Let us look some of the exciting features of the PES 2018 apk that make it so irresistible.

  • You can build your team in this version of the game. The winning eleven team can be built by obtaining players by scout, agents or scout auction.
  • Another really nice feature of this game is that in this version each player is unique to himself/ herself. Hence, one can build a customized team and play according to their will.
  • This feature will help you virtually step into the shoes of football legends.

Features that work greatly in PES 2018 apk version:

    • This version of the game has a better display and system
    • Few of the features in the new version will allow players to enjoy and play the game better.
    • The players are different from one other. This makes the experience unique.
    • Including friends in the play is great option in PES 2018 apk.
    • This version has the official UEFA champion’s league available in it.
    • The new version comes with official club partnerships.
    • Little other technicalities like swiping to pass the ball and Tapping to shoot the ball.
    • The option you able to build your own team is a unique feature in this version.
    • The PES 2018 apk mobile experience has also been enhanced for a better user experience.
    • The graphics have been upstaged in this version to another level. The intricate details like the expressions on the faces of the players and hand gestures to the cheering crowd have been developed really well to make it feel real.

Features that don’t work so greatly in PES 2018 apk version:

  • This version can’t be played offline. Hence, internet connectivity is must for pro evolution soccer 2018.
  • The internet connection for this game needs to be unhinged.
  • This version of the game can’t be downloaded in all the android versions.

Despite of the mandatory internet connection for the PES 2018 apk game, the other new features are making the game better than ever before. The internet connectivity is obviously must for a multiplayer version of the game.

pro evolution soccer 2018 download

Display and System

Let’s talk more about the display and system. The display of the PES 2018 apk will be called “PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer” in many languages. Nonetheless, particularly for the Japanese language its display has been called “Winning Eleven 2018”. The effects of this version’s visuals and sounds are looking great and go with the game seamlessly. The graphics of PES 2018 apk too are going well with the 3D animation.

As already mentioned, you may not be able to enjoy the game if you don’t have stable internet connection. However, the online game needs internet connectivity for its multiplayer feature.

The impressive change log of PES 2018 apk:
This season has some major and impressive changes in the game. The following are the details of the changelog:

  • The layout of the [Contract] screen is enhanced.
  • The layout of the [Extras] screen is enhanced.
  • Many issues from the previous version are fixed.
  • Players of season 18C now made available.
  • New scouts are made available.
  • The Standard Agents and Scouts players list that can be acquired is updated.
  • Updated manager data.
  • Play the tutorials by using classic controls.
  • Option to change the manager’s tactics from offensive to defensive or vice versa while the match is on.
  • In-match display (HUD) has been updated in this version
  • Updating the data of teams, players and managers at the start of the 2017-18 seasons.
  • For few players, the portraits can be changed to photographs.
  • Match balance has seen some new adjustments.

The game play of the PES 2018 apk

PES 2018 android apk is relatively a simple and easy game to play. Nonetheless, first time players might need to get some tips in order to play this game.  The following are a few quick tips for the newbies who are willing to discover the PES 2018 android apk:

  • Step one: You need to build a team.
  • Step two: Choose player with great capabilities and skills
  • Step three: You need to train you player in order to support and build a team.

These were just broad outlines of how to play the Pro evolution soccer 2018.

Specs and file information about PES 2018 apk:

Developed by  KONAMI
Uploaded on  April 26, 2018 at 9 03AM GMT+07
System Requirements  Android 5.0 and up
Version  2.3.0 (302030002)
File size  26 MB
MD5  621fdcd691ddaa2fd6037a53cc00511f
SHA1  0b7a192c2b6282ac6b21913f90d6f75573963848


PES 2018 download for Android supported versions

pes 2018 android download

The new version of the Pro Evolution Soccer is not supported by all versions of android. The android systems that support the PES pro evolution soccer 2018 download are as follows:

  • Android Marshmallow ( 6.0.0 – 6.0.1)
  • Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1)

Some other system requirements for PES 2018 download for android are as follows:

  • CPU : 108 ghz
  • Memory(Ram) : 2 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 APK Android MOD 2.3.0

One of the first things that you will come across while playing PES 2018 apk are the few details that are added to game which contribute to the overall experience of this new version of the Pro evolution 2018 apk. The real touch system gives a unique experience for every player playing the ball. Be it the offense side or the defense side the PES 2018 apk allows each player to be playing the ball differently. For instance, if Cristiano Ronaldo is in a tight position then the chances of him scoring a goal is very less.

PES 2018 apk MOD Android versus FIFA 18

The PES 2018 apk MOD android is very often pitted against another very popular virtual football game FIFA Mobile 2018 which is developed by EA Sports. Let’s see how the PES 2018 apk fares against FIFA 18:

PES 2017 Download for Android

PES 2017 APK Pro Evolution Soccer Free download. The old version of pes 2017 apk for android version & ios version can be download here:

PES 2017 Download for Android

PES 2018 download for IOS

The new latest version of the Pro Evolution Soccer is supported by all versions of IOS. PES 2018 IOS Download PRO Evolution Soccer Latest version Free for IOS, iPhone & Mac. The mac systems that support the pes pro evolution soccer 2018 download are as follows:

PES 2018 download for IOS

PES 2018 Guide to Win & Cheat Tools

The Guide contains about how to win in PES 2018, the complete tutorial contains many Tricks, various tips and guide for the PES 2018 apk game. The guide is in very easy language to understand. PES 2018 hack PRO Evolution Soccer APK, PC, IOS Cheats Tools and Generate GP, Get Free myClub Coins online.

Guide To Win In PES 2018

pes 2018 mobile download - PES-2018-Pro-2.2.0-APK-Update

The Presentation:

This one aspect of the pes 2018 lite apk which is not up to the mark when compared to FIFA 18 is its presentation. PES has been struggling to get more licenses from a while now, because FIFA 15 has more licenses its presentation is superior. However, for PES 2018 download PC owners can download fan-made kit mods to make the presentation of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 apk better than the original version: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC Download Online Free. However, PES has made sure that the presentation of PES 2018 latest update apk more attractive than the previous versions. Nonetheless, EA has also presented FIFA 18 with better visuals. Hence, PES is finding it challenging to face the aesthetic front of FIFA 18. PES 2018 mod apk has continuously enhanced the character models.


The Game play of the two games:

PES pro evolution soccer 2018 and FIFA 18 are head to head in this department. However, the only areas of improvement of the pes 2018 free download that are still not very impressive are the goalkeepers that are still awkward and even defending could also be fussy at times. FIFA has also improved a lot in the recent version; it definitely has better responsive dribbling and shooting experience. FIFA 18 also improved its crosses immensely. It has become easier to score from long shots and crosses in the new version of the FIFA 18. Though FIFA 18 has been improving its pitch and experience continuously, PES 2018 mobile apk still remain the better off between the two games pes 2017 android apk & pes 2015 android apk. It looks like the gameplay of PES 2018 download android apk will remain a greater for a long period of time.

pes 2018 gameplay & controls


One of the decisive aspects of a game is its depth and breadth of the modes of the game. FIFA 18 had an upper hand in this aspect when compared to the pes 2017 download for android. This year FIFA has seen an amazing addition in the form of squad battles. Players can play many matches against each other Ultimate Team club which are AI controlled. The master league of PES has been subjected to many clean and neat improvements. The menu also has been change to navigate better. It also helps to release clauses enhance transfer negotiations. PES has also introduced new challenge mode that throws unexpected scenarios and makes the game interesting. An example of an unexpected scenario is the desire of players to move to greener pastures. However, its transfer budgets that are low and the awkward names given to the young players still remain as an issue to be tackled. Another aspect where PES 2018 apk is struggling is with its feature MyClub which a version of FIFA 18’s FUT. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 has introduced different features such as scout cards to MyClub. However, it still resembles FIFA 18’s FUT in many ways.


Random Selection Mode of PES  2018 apk:

PES has an introduced an exciting way to play which is new and unique. It is called the random selection mode, it has returned from the Pro Evo 6 with some tweaks to level thing up in a great way. In this mode, you and a friend of yours (should be in the same room, because the mode functions only locally) are given a squad of random players each from the collection of leagues or countries that you can choose from. This mode gives an opportunity to make teams with unconventional set of players which are not normally seen together. The motto of a player here is to acquire the star footballers of the opponent’s team and to safeguard the star players of his/her own team. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


PES 2018 apk’s 3v3 online co-op:

The PES has introduced the 3v3 online co-op in the latest version of the game. This is an attempt made by PES 2018 to compete with EA sports FIFA’s Pro clubs. Though this might not be the PES’ forte, it sure is a good competitive initiative by PES. It is a good thing that PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 download comes with many promising features. Konami the company that developed PES 2018 apk has been adding new modes with every new version of its game. Looks like, it is on the right path to make Pro Evolution Soccer a better game in no time.

When you compare all the aspects of these top two virtual soccer games of the world, PES stands out as a more satisfying version of virtual soccer. It immerses the players into the virtual world of football. Especially, with the new random selection mode addition, the game has improved and is better than ever before.